Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Organizing Your Dental Gear

Have you ever actually organized the set up of your bathroom? Like, really sat down and thought about how your different toiletries, towels, soaps, towel racks, and everything else were organized?

I haven’t. It all just kind of came together somehow over time, and now I’ve got things all in a state of disarray in my medicine cabinet, a small glass container of my facial hair grooming tools, my lotion dedicated to a certain spot on the sink, and my contact lense station posted up on the other side of the sink.

It all just sort of happens.

What’s the best way to handle your dental gear set up, though? I mean, most people sort of have their floss hidden away, their listerine out in the open, and toothbrushes in a cup, right?

While that’s what the norm is, I feel that it could be organized in a way that will get you to brush more often, floss every day, and even rinse your mouth out at least once daily.


No matter what you choose to place these in (from a cup to a specifically made toothbrush holder), they should be standing upright in order for your bristles to dry properly and not collect bacteria. I would suggest having your toothbrush holder somewhere above the sink or next to it yet not on the sink itself simply because you want to keep it away from water or moisture build up for the sake of your bristles keeping dry. Also, these two areas would be in your vision enough every time you visit the bathroom so that you’d be reminded to brush not just once a day but the recommended twice.


Since most bottles of mouthwash are quite big, they take up a lot of space. Having this in a dedicated cabinet but visible to you helps to keep using it often enough.


This is perhaps the piece of dental gear that is hidden from sight the most, meaning you’re far more likely to forget to floss daily simply because you don’t see it. Rather than have it hidden in your medicine cabinet, have it out in the open near your mouthwash or even in your toothbrush holder. If it’s right by your toothbrushes, you’ll remember to floss every single time you reach for your brush.

Ultimately, this is all about keeping your stuff visible so that you don’t lapse and forget to brush, wash your mouth out with rinse, or floss your teeth.

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